Lets Talk about Rally

I'm very excited to annouce that My Happy Dog Training & Behaviour School now offers Talking Dogs Rally®, for those who don't know what Rally is here's a little intro....

How to Build Bonds with your Dog

Helping you find out what can help you and your dog work more effectively together is what I mean by Building a Bond

Puppy Skills for Life - Outdoor Sessions

Puppy Skills for Life 
These sessions are outdoors and offer a different type of learning, the skills required outside are some of the most important, these sessions are great add ons to your course or as a stand alone option for you and your pup. 

SuperDog School

Forming part of the Dog Training Programme for dogs that have completed Puppy Power School, we have the SuperDog School Training Classes which create plenty of opportunity for Dogs to continue to develop their skills, whilst having fun and enjoying the learning process, these classes will challenge both Dog and Handler. The Level 2 Course also forms the beginning of you IMDT Partnership Grading available through accredited IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training) Dog Trainers like myself.

Providing your Puppy with a Superpower

Providing your Puppy with SuperPowers is a gift, let me guide you on how to get started now......

My Happy Dog Ltd Super Rew

Credit Bundles

Credit Bundles available now....

Dog Training Classes with My Happy Dog

My Happy Dog offers a range of Dog Training Classes within its Training Programme, with the ABC Dog Training Classes for your dogs over 9 months old.

Equipment My Happy Dog Recommends for New Puppy Parents

While it's obvious there's no shortage of things to buy for your new bundle of joy, try to remember that even play time is an opportunity of learning through having fun.

How My Happy Dog L'earns - Informative Talk

Want to learn more about how your dog understands? Come along to an informative and friendly talk with My Happy Dog for a basic understanding of how dogs learn and how we can make use of this knowledge.

September Enrolment is Open for Training Courses

My Happy Dog offers a range of services, including puppy socialisation programmes, puppy training programmes and puppy parenting programmes.


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