January 2014

Myths about the dog

The idea of the dog as a tame wolf has a huge romantic attraction for us... a powerful, wild animal that our ancestors found and raised with lots of TLC.

Responsible Dog Ownership

Having kept animals for several years, and with my constant learning of how dogs think, I really wanted to share with people the heart warming feeling you can have from the power of communicating.


I’m passionate about my animals and blessed to be able share that passion with everyone, I am on a personal mission to enhance puppy parenting and promote positive, kind and natural dog ownership.

Kindness Matters, Kindness is Key

Think happy thoughts, my happy thoughts are about reminding myself of where I am today and how I have managed to get to put my passion into practice.

Learn about your Puppy's Development...

A very important part of getting to know your Puppy is learning how to communicate with each other. This can also relate to how your puppy perceives the world around them.


To know more and understand the personality of you dogs, takes an understanding of how your dog perceives the world around them… want to know more?

Keep Calm & ...

What would you choose? Be less stressed? Maybe sleep through the night? All of these are common fears when first getting a puppy.

Out with the Old, in with the New...

You can create such a wonderful bond between yourself and your animal by learning some vital communication skills. I want to share with you part of my reason for my message about enhancing responsible dog ownership.

Let me introduce myself...

A little bit about me and how I followed my heart and turned my passion into a full time career working with our amazing and mesmerising furry friends.

New Year, New You?

Want to know more about how to communicate with your wonderful dog? You can start the year by learning something new each week.

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