Benefits of a Puppy Pre School Programme

Benefits of Puppy Preschool Programme - Puppy Training Classes

A Puppy Preschool Programme consists of Puppy Training Classes and should provide you with the tools required to start your puppy off on the right track and add to your enjoyment as a Puppy Parent.

It can also be a great way to recognise the difference between normal puppy behaviour and actual behavioural problems and how to modify them or prevent them from accruing in the future.

The learning outcomes when enrolling into a puppy preschool program may include:

  • General health care advice.
  • Diet and exercise information.
  • Environmental enrichment strategies.
  • Basic training like sit, drop, the recall, mat training, stand and wait.
  • Socialisation and interaction with people and dogs.
  • Puppy toilet training tips.
  • How to read canine body language.
  • Handling tips for grooming and health.
  • Guidance around how children and puppies should interact.
  • Addressing any problems like mouthing, barking and jumping up.

Socialisation with your Puppy 

Socialisation offers your puppy the best start to life, allowing them to grow into a confident, trainable and manageable adult dog. Socialisation is about exposing puppies to unfamiliar dogs and unfamiliar people in a safe, positive, non-threatening and rewarding way. It exposes them to variety of new and different breeds (e.g. dogs with pointy or floppy ears, breeds that are a lot larger or smaller, etc.) It also teaches puppies to read other dogs’ body language, helping them to distinguish the difference between play and other communication.

A good puppy preschool class will make sure that when training the puppies they engage in compatible play by pairing two or three dogs with a similar level of confidence and personality so the experience is positive for both dogs. Matching an energetic puppy with a timid peer is not an enjoyable (or beneficial) experience for the more passive puppy — and rough play can result in injury. The trainer should allow your puppy space to let new experiences soak in, especially if your puppy is timid or shy. In my classes, we make sure the puppies engage in short, positive interactions immediately followed by time to relax and settle.

There are puppy training classes available in Solihull, West Midlands and Warwickshire through My Happy Dogs Puppy Training Programmes, which amongst other services offers Training of Puppies through a Puppy Pre School Programme. My Happy Dog also offers Puppy Power Consultations which are 1-to-1 puppy training sessions.

There are also Puppy Socialisation walks that take place on a regular basis for you and your puppy local to the area, so keep up to date with the Newsletter and Facebook for more details on these events.


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