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My Happy Dog Credit System

Here at My Happy Dog we appreciate that there should be incentives for those commited to train and for those supporting My Happy Dog, without you it just wouldn't happen, so I'm proud to announce a new Loyalty Scheme for all those committed Pooch Parents, the new system is applicable for the following Training Programmes. The Bundles will be available to Purchase for Workshops & Classes starting After September 1st 2016. 

Puppy Training Programme 

Puppy Pre School Training (Indoor Class) - 4 Credits for 4 Sessions 

Puppy Power School - Level 1   (Indoor Class) -  6 Credits

Puppy Power School - Level 2 (Indoor Class) - 6 Credits 

* One to One Puppy Power Consultation - 2 Credits 

Dog Training Programme 

SuperDog School  

  • SuperDog - Level 1 - 6 Credits 
  • Super Dog - Level 2 - 6 Credits 

* One to One Fun Training Session - 2 Credits 

Cost of Bundles 

4 Credits = £65 (no 121 available with this option) 

6 Credits = £90 (no 121 available with this option) 

*8 Credits = £110

*12 Credits = £155

The idea is to encourage you to train more and benefit financially when making the commitment to Train, it's an investment and the more time you put in the less money you'll pay correcting undesirable behaviour in the future. 

* Limited to 1 One to One Session per Bundle. 

T & C do apply

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