Dog Training Classes with My Happy Dog

My Happy Dog offers a range of Dog Training Classes within it's Training Programme with the ABC Dog Training Classes for your dogs over 9 months old. The ABC will offer a combination of

  • A - Agility
  • B - Behaviour
  • C - Companion training

It's a course that has all the ingredients for a Recipe that creates sessions that are Fun Packed for all involved. 

As with all My Happy Dog courses, numbers will be limited to make sure you get plenty of attention and individual guidance to get the most out of the sesssion. Please let me know if your interested, it will be a first come first served for both levels.

  • ABC - Level 1 (Beginners - New to My Happy Dog Training Programmes) 6 week course 10.30am
  • ABC - Level 2 a 6 Week Course starting at 12am

Level 1 - If your new to the My Happy Dog Training Programme, this will be an introductory for your dog and build some essentials skills that will ensure you and your dog can learn the ABC ready for Level 2.

Level 2 - Here we will build on those all important skills of life that your puppy has learnt through the Puppy Training Programme, with your commitment to progress and have fun with your companion pet, these classes will be fun packed and energetic.

These courses will shape your Companion Pet for those all important manners around the home whilst getting them some vital exercise and mental stimulation. The imporatnce of adding this kind of enrichment to your dogs week can never be underestimated.

The Classes will be held at an outside Venue at Dunton Hall off Junction 9 of the M42 on a Saturday Morning starting January 23rd 

Please register your interest here.

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