Equipment My Happy Dog Recommends for New Puppy Parents

What Toys to buy as a Puppy Parent...

Well it's very obvious there's no shortage of things to buy for your new bundle of joy is there! but try to remember that even play time is an opportunity of learning through having fun.

There will also be some toys more suitable for differnt breeds and character.

Your puppies toys should be a selection of

  • Brain Games
  • Toys
  • Soft Toys
  • Balls

You must check your toys out that all of them are safe, of the appropriate size and the quality suits your requirements.

Always Discard damage items and never leave your puppy with toys that have not been advised for solo puppy play.

In Finer De'tail.....

  • Brain Games - items that encourage are pup to problem solve are always a bonus, mental stimulation is important and the more you can get your puppy to problem solve, the higher chance you have of helping them develop a health brain mass, confidence to work things out, independance and most importantly will tire them out! I love JW's range of toys 
  • Toys - if like me your puppy will have an abudance of Toys.... they should all serve a purpose so those that are stimulate your puppy to have interactive play or solo play, those that like to engage in tug play, your toys will alter as your puppy goes through different development stages. Chew Toys are important as they need an out let to have a good play bite and sooth those growing teeth. My Happy Dog loves Kong & JW's Toys 
  • Soft Toys - These are ideal for puppies, it is frustrating when puppies tear off the ears, nose or eyes and proceed to pull out the stuffing, this is a natural canine behaviour, so try not to worry too much, try to aimfor toys that come with out the stuffing. If the squeaker causes too much arousal or unduly worries your puppy, you can silence them by punturing the squeak. My Happy Dog loves the Kong Range of Plush Toys 
  • Balls - The first thing to remember with balls is to take into account the size. Dogs can choke on small balls, so be mindful if you buy your little puppy a ball and you have another older dog in the same household.

My Happy Dog loves the Chuckit range of Balls. When playing ball games, avoid excessive jumping and heavy impact actions on such small and developing bones.

My Happy Dog recommends chuckit balls

Some Rules for Postive Play

Some basic rules to help you and your Puppy start off in the right way, the Positive Play way! 

  • Be consistent with your language when what you're expecting from your puppy.
  • Try to encourage the action before expecting puppy to understand the cue, positively reinforce the action.
  • Help puppy out by simple luring techniques before you expect puppy to associate the trigger.

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