Grooming Marvellous - Pet Owners Guide to Dog Grooming

Grooming Marvellous Workshop in Solihull- February 7th 2015 Pet Owners Guide to Dog Grooming

To all that are owners of gorgeous fluff balls, as cute as they are we've all been there when you hand them over to the dog groomer, you're just a tiney bit embarrassed to the state they are in or your gorgeous pooch has just so much hair, you don't know where to start.

If all this sounds familiar,you'll be pleased to hear of this event, for an afternoon there will be  some tips and advice on what do inbetween visits to the groomers, so your pooch can look their best and your groomer with love you forever making their time with your pooch that little bit less stressful for all invovled.

You will be shown :-

  • Identifying your dogs hair type
  • Identify correct brushes to use for your dogs hair type
  • Correctly handle your pooch for grooming
  • Correctly brush your pooch
  • Choose a good shampoo for your Dog

 Together with all this we will be telling you some 'Tricks of the trade' and they'll be an oppurtunity to  buy some products.

There are limited spaces, so book your place here to ensure you can learn lots about how to maintain a healthy coat as well as reinforcing a healthy bond between you and your dog.

We look forward to seeing you there

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