How My Happy Dog L'earns - Informative Talk

Want to learn more on how your dog understands?

Come along to an informative and friendly talk with My Happy Dog for a Basic Understanding into how

dogs learn and how we can make use of this knowledge by guiding 

Puppies and Dogs to the desired behaviour.

We will look at :-

  • How dogs Learn

  • Influencers that affect Learning

  • Body Language

A talk on How your Dog Learns, this up to date information is about educating

Puppy Parents, new, old or prospective to how your dog adapts to the world around them, with this knowledge and understanding by Puppy Parents, it will make a huge difference to you helping your dog in training and everyday life...

How your dog thinks and feels will make a difference to your dog.

Tickets are £12 or is part of the 6 week Puppy School of Life Course.

Register your interest via link below stating the Venue you're interested in and I will then email you confirmation of your place and payment details.

Keep an eye out on the Events page for up and coming Talks.

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