Important part of Training your Puppy - Socialisation

Important part of Training your Puppy - Socialisation

Ensure your puppy's first meet & greet with other dogs are calm and controlled so that puppy is never feeling frightened, this way it helpy training your puppy to be open to learning while feeling safe whilst having positive experiences and reinforcing appropriate canine meet & greet manners.

Socialisation of your Puppy in those first early weeks is a vital part of your Puppy's development, be sure to fully understand some basic dog body language to help you assess if the meet and greet is going well.

First sign of your puppy or the other dog not feeling comfortable you should put a stop to the meeting.... to help with this I always advise a long training lead, to ensure that you keep a loose lead so the Puppy feels they can express the appropriate language.

If you're interested in taking part of some Puppy Socialisation Walks as part of your Puppy's Training they are offered in Solihull, Warwickshire and West Midlands, sign up for the Newsletter to get updates and also check out My Happy Dog's Facebook Page for more details of up and coming events.

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