Ingredients for the Perfect Puppy

When Puppy first arrives, it's a big change for everyone. We often sit there just staring at the little bundle of fluff and mesmerized by their little ways, how they are taking on their new world and how their personality is coming out.

This is great and as long as all those experiences are positive then this is a great way for a puppy to develop. We know dogs perceive the world around them and naturally develop using their senses, but they still need you to nurture them and guide them to be the perfect puppy you want them to be.

An area which I find incredible is how we can influence how these puppies develop, much like a child we influence their cognitive behaviour. Studies of puppies have given us such insight on what is needed in those critical first few months of your puppy's life that we simply can't afford to ignore this vital information. If you follow me and my posts you'll understand how passionate about Puppy Parenting I am and how I want everyone to know how important it is to get those time-sensitive development stages known by all new Puppy Parents.

We know your bundle of fluff, day-by-day, is growing mentally as well as physically. So think of it like a recipe. You wouldn't attempt a cake for a really special occasion and leave it all to guess work, even if you've cooked that cake before, all be it maybe some time ago. You'd like to refer to some guidance to ensure all the ingredients are in the mix. And of course, there's always a sequence to follow to ensure your mixture is the best and of course, remembering new ways of cooking. All these mean that the same cake has now improved, not only through using better ingredients but also while it's in the oven cooking. You'd never leave out a major ingredient and just hope that it's going to taste right or even look right, would you! So why should it be any different when raising your puppy? Here are the key ingredients I think you should have:

  • Consistency needs to be in your puppy's life. A structured regime will help master many of your puppy's needs.
  • Socialisation, visit as many places and people you want your adult dog to be relaxed with.
  • Habituisation, slowly introducing all the day-to-day noises and equipment that your adult dog needs to cope with.
  • Bite inhibition, teaching your puppy how to correctly use their mouth.
  • Manners, nurture your puppy from an early age for desirable behaviour.
  • Nourishment, make sure your puppy enjoys his good quality food, providing an essential balanced diet to help develop the functionality of your puppy's internal workings.
  • Confidence, exercises can boost confidence, ensure you know what is needed to help your puppy develop appropriately, enabling them to cope in their adult life.

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