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Keep calm and… fill in your own caption?, which is a growing trend at the moment here in the UK, what would you choose? ‘Be less stressed’? maybe ‘please sleep through the night’? All of these are common fears when first getting a puppy, but ultimately what we should all aspire to be around any new puppy is calm & … drum roll please… confident. Puppy is learning from you all the time; they’re watching, sensing and feeling your every movement, mood and spoken word, your tone,your pitch; gauging all the time what exactly you are guiding them to do.

We know from scientists that once puppy starts observing patterns they will become ‘rehearsed behaviour’ and, over time, puppy will fully understand your expectations. Knowing this is fabulous, as this will make nurturing your puppy into the desirable behaviour much easier and allow you to do it in a way that works for both of you. Your confident puppy parenting can be more results-orientated, which will also build your confidence as you start achieving that desirable behaviour!

So let's get our own posters done… Keep Calm & Confident! Who’s with me?

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