Kindness Matters, Kindness is Key

It’s so true, hey. All of these statements. Kindness does matter, it’s key to everything in life. I've learnt that not all people apply this way of thinking. Through experiences in life we learn, little challenges as my dear friend once said to me, these challenges allow us to grow and enrich our learning in life. I feel sorry for those that can’t look at life that way and people who feel total resentment when things don’t go their way; the sound of their own voice is ultimately the voice of reason… I always say to people who always point the finger that while that one finger points, three point right back at you! Take responsibility of your misdemeanours and try to learn from them.

Think happy thoughts. My happy thoughts are about reminding myself of where I am today and how I have managed to get to put my passion into practice. The fact that here I am writing about some new and exciting developments within the dog world, informing and sharing with people updates into the discoveries of how your dog thinks and feels. I'm passionate about my animals and blessed to be able to share that passion with everyone. I'm on a personal mission to enhance puppy parenting and promote positive, kind and natural dog ownership. So breathe deeply and remember that joy is contagious with all your family members, especially your dog, they sense your emotions and react accordingly. Feel happy and loved, and they will too, it’s contagious.

Go give your dog a hug and remember to love completely.

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