Thursday's Paws 4 Thought will today be a little bit more about me… we’re getting to know each other slowly and I thought I’d share a little more of my story and what I want to achieve. I'm going to be writing about some new and exciting developments within the dog world, informing you of up-to-date discoveries on how your dog thinks and feels.

I'm passionate about my animals and blessed to be able share that passion with everyone. I am on a personal mission to enhance puppy parenting and promote positive, kind and natural dog ownership. I hope by you reading this that these are personal desires that you too have for your own outlook on life, I just want to enhance that and focus you on the most effective way of communicating that to your ‘fur’ever friend.

When looking at communication, it’s vital that firstly you keep your language consistent, this will ensure that there is repetition that your puppy can start to think about. When you’re challenging them to think, like we've discussed before, this can only help the puppy in their problem solving techniques and their confidence of achieving the desired behaviour.

With your language being consistent with the task in hand, the puppy is then having to really think about how it achieves the result (normally at this early age a yummy treat), so then with your timely response, by this I mean providing the treat as soon as the desired behaviour has been achieved, Puppy can start relating the language with the action that helps them achieve the result… for example, sitting.

When using the language to ‘sit’ puppy will need to think for himself and figure out what it is you’re asking him to do. This not only tires them out with all that thinking, but it develops their brain mass as they start problem solving, which helps build his confidence when they start associating the language you’re using and what’s expected of them. In this instance he simply places his bottom on the ground, whereby you present the reward, a yummy treat.

By keeping your language consistent and keeping your tone calm you will achieve great results when applying it to all the desirable behaviours you want.

So to recap, with communication

  • Keep your language consistent
  • Keep calm in your actions
  • Keep your tone calm and soothing
  • Be patient
  • Have fun.

I provide the skills to help you nurture your puppy through Key Development Stages by offering bespoke programmes for you and your family, so you can live Happily in Whoof & Wonder.

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