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A very important part of getting to know your puppy is learning how to communicate with each other and as I briefly mentioned the other day this can also relate to how your puppy perceives the world around them.

By communication it’s not only your spoken word and a puppy’s body language between puppy parent and puppy, but it’s also the understanding of how each puppy communicates with each other and then we have to be able to pull different signs together, as certain gestures or body language can be interpreted differently depending on environmental factors too.

The puppy’s world is a changeable world, most days once puppy is home with you puppy should encounter a fair amount of discovery and new experiences each day, in the very early days every experience is new and wonderful, but sometimes fearful experiences which is all part of the development process and mum should be there to guide them on how to deal with these experiences good and bad. This is such an important part of your puppy’s development along with what they see, smell, hear and feel these experiences good and bad guide them around their world. Their world is discovered by a sensory education, particularly their sense of smell, this can be overlooked by many trying to understand their new puppy, but your puppy will mainly explore their world with their nose, mouth (taste), ears and sight.

So we know your puppy’s learnings are going to combine a number of things, we’ve discussed previously that they are watching our every move, we know they’re going to be tuned into the noises we make when we do our routine of things combined with our tone of voice and even picking up on our stress levels.

Their other sensory education will involve putting anything and everything in their mouth, yet this amazes people ‘why does my puppy chew this’, ‘why does my puppy chew that’ because that’s how they learn… by putting things in their mouth, so as puppy parents, the best way to assist in their learning is to help guide them to what is ok to chew and encourage this desirable behaviour…

A key part to all of this sensory education is firstly to help them go through the positive learnings at Key Development Stages, you will then be giving them the ability to problem solve their way round their new world, allow them to experience new and exciting things, in a positive and kind way. This will empower your puppy and is scientifically proven to enable your puppy’s brain mass to develop far denser to puppies who haven’t been able to develop their problem solving ability in natural and kind way.

As a result these puppies can develop throughout puppyhood and into their adulthood being able to cope with the everyday stresses with far less anxiety than puppies who have not been exposed to problem solving activities.

As part of my programmes I will help you learn the skill of teaching your puppy problem solving skills through the different development stages to enable them to develop into a calm and confident puppy.

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