Let me introduce myself...

So here I am, aged about 4 with the very first dog I ever loved. He really was such a fabulous temperament, not something you’d commonly associate with an Irish Setter, but with me and my siblings, 4 of us all together, he was a true gentleman! As a family we went on to have another Irish Setter while this one was still around to teach the next one the manners required to be part of our family. A few years later my parents decided on a further dog to learn from the master, a Golden Cocker Spaniel… at this point, as a family, we were bursting at the seams and moved onto a small holding whereby the animal farm began. First came a pony to learn to ride on, along with the obligatory cats required for the stables, which soon went from 1 to 2! With rabbits, then a goat… another couple of horses... a few birds, then along came another dog, Cavalier King Charles! A few years later, after loosing the Irish Setters, we had Rottweilers and more cats. So here you can see where my passion for animals began.

So here I am now, Charlotte Steele, able to turn that passion into a full-time career. My first career path took me a very different route as an Engineer, but the universe drew me back to my roots and, through hard work and determination, I have followed my heart. I now feel so happy and blessed to be able to work with these amazing and mesmerising creatures; they make me laugh, intrigue me and bring so much love with them.

Pictured below is me now with my Rew, he’s an American Cockapoo and now 3 years old. He is my inspiration and gave me the strength to follow my dream to work with dogs… so there’s my story in brief and I’m sure you’ll get to know me more as I blog, but for now, it’s a good start!

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