Natural, Kind & Positive Puppy Parenting

Natural, Kind & Positive Puppy Parenting

When we think of getting a dog we tend to look at what we want as an end result, "I want this dog to be a good dog, to listen to me, to do XX for me and to do what and I command, to respect me as its master, to do as I say."  I hear this all the time, owners don't stop to ask their dog if they are worthy of respect through a dog's eye, if they are satisfying the emotional needs of their beloved companion - yet they ask so much more of them.

When I look into Rews eyes, I can see a huge unmeasureable amount of emotion, as sensitive, vast & expansive as my own. With Rew I deem to think I have superior control over him. He looks at the world in such a Kind and spirited way, everything makes him happy, everything is fun and most importantly he wants to invovle me with all that he likes to do, I respect that and I respect there's times he doesn't want to do certain things and he lets me know through his subtle signs

He lays his head on my pillow facing me, the tips of our noses barely touching, feeling each other's breaths & matching them for strength & sound. It's a powerful way to communicate and can be done with many animals, and the breathtaking simplicity of this inter-species dialogue isn't lost on me. If you own horses, you'll relate to this and a way in which with my horses growing up I would use.

Rufus likes to exchange breathe

He extends rolls onto his back, head still facing me and his breathe remains of that of pure relaxation and comfort to be around me, staring softly yet directly into my eyes. The preposterous notion crosses my mind that there are humans who would say that a dog looking you in the eye is a challenge, that he would be trying to 'dominate' me with this eye contact. Yet when we lock eyes I can feel a connection with one another, one that feels like he's got so much trust and emotional attachment to me and in that moment both of us are thinking the exact same thing, it needs no analysis nor comprehension - it just is. It is momentary yet permanent; it is always in the present; it is selfless; it is non-judgmental; it is inspirational; it is respect; it is gratitude; it is love - and it is mutual. In that instant, I know that the energy we comprise will be intertwined together for eternity.

It's not needed for me to be given a name of my positition in this relationship, we are just us, it works and in what ever way Rew looks at me to be to him, I never want that to change.

With any training, make it natural, make it kind and make it positive, allowing you and your dog to fully understand and feel what is right for you both.

~ Charlotte & Rew  x
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