Out with the Old, in with the New...

Never such a true set of words spoken. It’s a New Year saying and one we've heard of passed on from generation to generation… a bit like when you use to hear, if the dog toilets in the house, rub his nose in it! Well, luckily times have changed and your little puppy doesn't have to endure these types of discipline anymore. Look at how the law has changed to protect children, there isn't room for bad parenting in today's society, yet on a daily basis we witness some dog handler reprimanding a dog in such cruel and disrespectful ways, and people just accept it. Our lovely dogs are one of most intelligent and gentle species, yet it’s not a crime to openly handle them in this manner… with science now proving that there is emotional complexity to dogs I do hope that these laws are changed soon.

Science about our knowledge and understanding of dogs is developing so fast. It’s moving like the technology we have around us and there are plenty of VHS & tape recorders out there still, but we’re moving faster and faster towards a digital world, so it’s understandable that there are a lot of different methods and concepts on dog training these days, along with garages full of unwanted and unused VHS & tape recorders that are no longer needed or required.

Like parenting a child, nurturing your dog's behaviour from an early age has proven successful. Scientifically, it’s proven to vastly improve a dog's brain mass. When a puppy is tasked at early development stages to problem solve their brain mass developments better, which will enable them to cope with different situations as they develop, therefore suffering less from anxiety and stress-related behaviours in adulthood.

I'm proud to say that there is a huge majority of dog lovers in the UK and plenty of trainers that are up to speed with modern understanding, but please be aware that there are still some old views and training methods that although have worked for 20 years, over this period we didn't fully understand these incredible creatures we live with, so maybe it really is time to say ‘Out with the Old and in with the New’.

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