Positive Puppy Experiences

Did you know that puppies learn from every experiences, most importantly, as you may of heard me mention a few times before are those very first experiences, they are the most powerful, yes so even those first precious moments your puppy arrives home, everything they are taking in and exploring are that puppies first experiences in your home, so the importance of making those right are vital, I can help here with my Programmes designed to ensure smooth running of this integration, find out more here Puppy Programmes.

Knowing how important those first experiences are and ensuring they’re positive experiences, the best approach is to structure your day to have those experiences set up to avoid failure of negative experiences.

Here are just a few things you can plan to expose your puppy too

  • Vacuum Cleaner

  • Broom

  • Hair Dryer

  • Shopping Trolleys

  • Car

  • Bicycles

  • People in Helmets

  • Black Rubbish Bags (full of rubbish)

If puppy does have an unpleasant first experience by prepared for a not so good reaction next time there is a similar situation that puppy is exposed to, but give the puppy time to learn and adjust to that particular experience.

Remember you are shaping this puppy’s future and by nurturing them to behaviour in the manner you most desire requires those behaviours to be learnt in the most kind, natural and positive way.

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