Positive Socialisation when Puppy Training

Positive Socialisation

There are many key things to include in your Puppy Training as mentioned in 'Ingredients for a Perfect Puppy' with Socialisation being one of these important ingredients, it's not something to overlook or assume you can catch up on later in your puppies development.

New Positive Experiences when Socialising your puppy

Time is Short to learn Puppy Social Skills

One of the main reasons why My Happy Dog runs various Socialisation Classes in Solihull, is that it's often overlooked on how crucial it is within the Development Stages of your Puppy, helping them  to gain social skills and behaviours before just 12 weeks of age to ensure your puppy develops into a well adjusted adult dog.

Studies have shown that dogs which miss out on socialisation and habituation from 5-12 weeks of age never fully regain social confidence and are always trying to adjust to living in a domestic environment.

The debate in which I usually find myself discussing with Puppy Parents is the need for vaccinations, leaving owners in a dilemma between puppies physical health and their need for social contact with other dogs and people, the Socialisation Classes 'My Wagging Tail' are run in a local Vets Practice and a Village Hall that is fully cleaned prior to puppies entering the area, all attending puppies must come with a full health check from their vets.

Firstly I want you to fully understand what Socialisation is in context of your Puppy Training, Socialisation means learning how to interact socially with other living creatures, this is different to Habituation, which asks the puppy to ignore environmental stimuli.

With this information you can now set clear goals to help your Puppy gain appropriate Socialisation, My Happy Dog puts Socialisation as a priority with your Puppy Training Plan, if you would like more information on how to put a Puppy Training Plan in place, please feel free to contact My Happy Dog to discuss further.

My Happy Dog offers plenty of opportunities for your puppy to meet other puppies with My Wagging Tail Puppy Socialiation Classes  and  Puppy Socialisation Walks of Woof and Wonder, both socialisation opportunities are breed specific events to ensure the interactions are safe, managable and leave your puppy with positive impact.

As mentioned before, studies show us the problems that can manifest when Socialisation isn't fully understood or indeed intergrated into your Puppy's Training Plan. We want and need our puppy to be able to relate well to all the family members, friends, visitors, strangers other dogs and other animals. Many multi animal households now how important it is that the puppy can interact with the house cat.

Puppy Training & Socialising your Puppy

What you're looking to acheive through socialising your puppy, will be :-

Puppy Pre School - Socialising your puppy in Solihull

  • Learn how interact socially with their human family
  • Learn how to effectively interact with their own species
  • Practise their communiation skills of their own language
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with their human family
  • Meet and mix with other older well mannered older dogs

All of these, and more, needs to be done on a regular basis. When Puppy Training your consistency is very important, the interactions need to be a positive expereience and always set up for success. 

My Happy Dog offers a range of oppurutnities with the Puppy Pre School Programme which starts with Socialisation Classes in the Solihull, Warwickshire and West Midlands area, followed by Puppy Pre School Classes for small groups of dogs. There are aslo Socialisation Walks available, make sure you check the events pages and Facebook for up and coming Puppy Socialisation Walks places are limited and book up very fast.

To find out how My Happy Dog can help you, please Contact Us.

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