The Power of Positivity

They say Knowledge is Power which is so true, the Power which I want people to understand more of is the Power of Positivity, now I'm not just talking Dog Training here, it's about everything that is in your life..... but yes your dog benefits so much from your positive approach to life and dog training.

Finding out how your dog responds to you and your actions is key to training, does your dog like a certain tone, does he associate a tone to that of discomfort or even fear..... 

By looking at your dogs body language, you can find out more about Canine Language and their subtle signs so you can work out how your dog is responding to your tone and even your body language. A good way of looking at this is a typical persons response to their dogs behaviour after they have performed some less desireable behaviour, for instance, we've all been there lets face it..... you've returned to find your fabulous furry friend has been occupying themselves with your favourite pair of shoes, most people will say, look the dog knows they've done wrong.... look at their face! 

The feeling of guilt, as far as research has gone so far, is not in a dogs complexitiy, guilt would need them to compute that there would be consequences from their action, which is beyond their ability, however, they can tell by your body language and tone that something isn't right which makes them react to their 'environment' and display their own internal conflict of the situation.

If you'd of come to the shoes and not reacted what so ever and your body language, even really subtle body language didn't alter, then your puppy/dog wouldn't of given you those 'puppy' eyes, but continued like nothing had happened, that's the power of positivity! 

There are many area's where a Positive Mental Attitude can help and like many of these area it has a huge impact, so you can imagine how it can affect your training, many people come to Puppy Training Class and they're so tense and nervous, that you can tell their puppy is trying hard to work out what's wrong with mum or dad and become distracted when it comes to training.

My advice is always to remain calm and confident so your puppy can look to you for reassurance and guidance making your role as nuturing your puppy far easier.

The Power of Positivity is not only about applying natural, kind and positive training methods but to ensure you too are equipped with a Positive Mental Attitude.

Training Positively is utalising positive reinforcement, you can read more here 

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