Providing your Puppy with a Superpower

Providing your Puppy with SuperPowers is a gift, let me guide you on how to get started now......

My Happy Dog Ltd Super Rew

It's so easy to get confused and a little bit muddled on what to do with your puppy or dog, we search high and low on the internet and with there being such conflicting information out there it can be frightfully daunting.We all know someone who knows best as they've grown up with dogs, it's overwhelming to say the least. You're not alone, I too have been there, where you're typing that phrase in the google box hoping it provides you with the answers......

conflicting information  on internet about puppy training

and of course we take the first thing we read as gospel, wouldn't you agree???

I want to support you and can provide you with some key fundamental things at this time sensitive period, I like to call them Superpowers, it's a gift and is like the gift you can keep giving, how amazing it that, it has infinite value, it can be provided miraculously, you just need to know what it is right...... ok, ok  it's coming....

Providing your Puppy with SuperPowers....

  • Language - make sure you're clear, consise and consistent when communicating so puppy can learn by their associations to that word/feeling.

  • Love - shower them with exercises that builds their trust of you, start by reinforcing all those desirable choices they make, build their confidence to problem solve and feel motivated to repeat.

  • Lenient - don't put puppy under pressure to learn, let them make choices, keep them safe by ensuring their enviorment is ready for them to succeed in, we then have opportunity to reinforce and support their choices. 

If you can apply these 3 L's you will see the SuperPower within your puppy shine, this gift will stay with your puppy forever provided you continue to committ to supporting your puppy as they learn and develop. 

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