Puppy Pre School Programmes - Puppy Training

Puppy Pre School Programmes - Training for you and your puppy

Puppy Training with My Happy Dog offers your Puppy a unique sensory experience to develop confidence that will last a life time for you and your bundle of Joy.

Training classes on the Puppy Pre School Programmes are small and incorporate sensory education for socialisation and habituation all based on extensive dog developement research.

Training on the Puppy Pre School Programmes offer a world of sensory discovery, not only will your puppy be exploring a new venue, complete with new sights and sounds, but each week there will be a lots of new positive experience for them to encounter

My Happy Dog Puppy Pre School

  • My Wagging Tails Class

    - 2 Sessions at £15 

My Happy Dog in Solihull welcomes all puppies from 8 weeks old to 2nd Vaccination, Wagging Tails is all about socialisation and positive new experiences, inviting your puppy to start discovering the world of sensory education, this Puppy Class is aimed at the development stage of young puppies, the creche environment will enable your puppies to socialise with other puppies whilst learning through play with plenty of Wagging Tails. Puppy Parents also enjoy this wonderful class. These classes are small to ensure positive play is encouraged and because of the puppies age run for 30 mins.

  • My Happy Paws Class

    -    4 week course at £65

Developing on the Sensory Education and building Skills ready for their life ahead, the Puppy Training is all done completed with 'Happy Paws', guiding your puppy to know where they need to be and is aimed at Puppys after their 2nd Vaccination upto 20 weeks at the start of the course. The Classes are small to ensure a really good monitoring of your progression can be gained, the class is a 45 min class for 4 weeks. This companinon Puppy Training will help set your puppy up for their healthy happy life ahead of them.

  • My Puppy 'Nose' Best Class

    - 4 week course at £65

Developing into Adolscent Age, it's important your dog 'nose' how to make the right choices, this Puppy Training is aimed at Puppies over 20 weeks and upto 8 months old, reinforcing those manners whilst advancing on obedience, this Puppy Training gives you the tools to turn your puppy into the well mannered companion pet that your desire. Groups are small to allow My Happy Dog to work closely with the Puppy and Puppy Parents the class is a 45 min class for 4 weeks.

Puppy Training with My Happy Dog in Solihull, Warwickshire and the West Midlands

The training throughout the Puppy Pre School Programmes, allows Puppy Parents to gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of guiding your puppy in a natural, kind and positive way.

Your puppy is then guided to behave with desireable manners, calmness and confidence.

This behaviour forms the basis of your puppy's ability to cope with the world around them.

The well structured learning programme based on extensive dog development research provides Puppy with the vital skills during the time sensistive periods helping your Puppy flourish with any further training you do.

  • Calm when greeting people

  • Calm & Confident to be handled/groomed

  • Self control (not just the bladder)

  • Gaining your puppies attention

  •  Being able to settle

  •  Sensory education including positive experiences as they discover new textures and sounds

  •  Real life situations, training will be a  mix of indoors and outdoors

  •  Importance of Bite Inhibition

  •  Socialisation

  •  Basic Dog Language

To ask further details on the next available course for Puppy Training in Solihull please contact me using the button at the Right Hand Side of the Page. 

Please note: Your place is only guaranteed if you pay the course fee within 24 hours of acknowledgement of an available place.  Unfortunately, we cannot ‘hold’ places due to the level of demand.  If you miss a session, you forefit this session but can continue on the course. 

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