Puppy Training - Socialisation Classes

Puppy Training - Socialisation Classes

'My Wagging Tail'

My Happy Dog is keen to ensure that as part of the on going commitment to help promote responsible dog ownership all Puppy Parents understand the importance of Socialising their Puppy. With the launch of the  Puppy Pre School Programme, all that enroll onto the programme will get an insight on why this has been designed into three levels, at an early age we can help the puppy to develop social skills that will prevent puppy from forming any fears with other dogs, done properly, the best way to do this is through play and discovery. 

Training classes on the Puppy Pre School Programmes are small and incorporate sensory education for socialisation and habituation all based on extensive dog developement research. The Socialisation of your puppy is a key part to your Puppy Training and forms the fundamental building blocks of your puppies relationship with other dogs.

When em'barking on any socialisation, it's important to remember that all experiences with your dog should be positive ones and that it's your resposibility to ensure these first experiences are successful.

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  • My Wagging Tail - Puppy Socialisation Class

    -    2 Sessions costing £20

My Happy Dog in Solihull welcomes all puppies from 8 weeks old to 2nd Vaccination, as long as the puppy has had a *Health Check and has started it's vaccinations then they can happily attend. Wagging Tails is all about socialisation and positive new experiences, inviting your puppy to start discovering the world of sensory education, this Puppy Class is aimed at the development stage of young puppies,  your puppy can observe or get involved in socialising with other puppies whilst learning, there'll be plenty of Wagging Tails. Puppy Parents also enjoy this wonderful class. These classes are small to ensure positive play is encouraged and enables the body language of the Puppies to be monitored at all times.

T&C apply

*If not a member of the a Vets Practice that the Puppy Socialisation Class is being held, a letter confirming thier health would be part of the application process.

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