Responsible Dog Ownership

This Thursday I want to share with you part of my reason for my message about enhancing responsible dog ownership, well as a dog owner and having grown up with cats, dogs, horses, goats, rabbits and birds I can honestly say that learning about these animals opened up such a pleasurable two-way relationship; understanding how to communicate with these animals is so rewarding for all involved, seeing a dog respond to your signals is so fascinating, watching a horse want to play and interact with you even when you’re not on their back fills with you happiness, you can create such a wonderful bond between yourself and your animal by learning some vital communication skills.

With this experience and with my constant learning of how dogs think, I really wanted to share with people the heart-warming feeling you can have from the power of communicating, so there my journey began, wanting to let new puppy parents enhance skills and fine tune their understanding of what puppy will need and want from you to enable the nurturing stage to become a really rewarding time. Those development stages are crucial and the more new puppy parents can understand about their important role in the relationship, the greater the chance that Puppy can grow to be a really well rounded calm, confident puppy.

I recently attended a fascinating seminar. It really resonated with me the fact that so many pet owners fail to understand what their puppy/dog is saying to their puppy parents. We all need to learn fluent dog language to really be able to support them in everyday life and I want to help people on their lessons of learning to become the most responsible dog owner.

It’s not just understanding what the language means, you will need to interpret it within context to the environment… So in practical terms, on your walks try to really watch your puppy as they will let you know so much through their body language. This is their main communication with you and other dogs.Try to start noting their reactions to situations.

When puppy parents start really embracing the understanding behind their puppy’s language they will be giving their puppy a really good start in life, building on a two way communication of understanding will not only give puppy parents the confidence to really move through key development stages with knowledge and skills to enhance their life together ‘fur’ever, but play part in a society of responsible dog owners.

This is just one area of many for becoming a true advocate of responsible dog ownership; I hope you’re all with me and want to learn more.

I provide the skills to help you nurture your puppy through Key Development Stages by offering bespoke programmes for you and your family, so you can live Happily in Whoof & Wonder.

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