Safety Around Dogs ~ Start Acting Responsibly, Understand How to Stay Safe

In light of some the heartbreaking stories that are making the news recently, the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) has issued the following statement and link to advice regarding safety around dogs. So as a member of the Association of Pet Behaviours I wanted to share with everyone and if you can share with your friends and family hopefully the education on the importance of everyone’s safety around dogs can prevent further sad news.

“The Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) has called for more education regarding safety around dogs particularly for families with children.

“The APBC believe that the education of parents and children on keeping safe around dogs is of paramount importance. An approved safety resource page for teachers, children and parents is available on the APBC website, highlighting the best sites to visit when owners wish to seek advice about safety around dogs.

“Rosie Barclay, APBC Chair, states ‘dog owners need to understand how to stay safe around their pet; how to interact with them and understand their body language’. In addition Rosie says ‘we need to see a thorough investigation and assessment of each animal involved in these tragic incidences so that we can help prevent them in the future’. As an organisation the APBC is well placed to help in this area.”

Please start to think how you can educate all the family on how to interact and understand your own dogs and other peoples dogs. It’s time to take responsibility and help avoid this happening to you.

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