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Forming part of the Dog Training Programme for dogs that have completed Puppy Power School, we have the SuperDog School Training Classes which create plenty of opportunity for Dogs to continue to develop their skills, whilst having fun and enjoying the learning process, these classes will challenge both Dog and Handler. The Level 2 Course also forms the beginning of you IMDT Partnership Grading available through accredited IMDT (Institute of Modern Dog Training) Dog Trainers like myself.

It's a course that has all the ingredients for a Recipe that creates sessions that are Fun Packed for all involved. 

As with all My Happy Dog courses, numbers will be limited to make sure you get plenty of attention and individual guidance to get the most out of the sesssion. Please let me know if your interested, it will be a first come first served for both levels, Register your interest here

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The Classes will be held at an outside Venue, these classes have been designed for you to attend when you can, using the My Happy Dog Credit Bundles which you can purchase prior to starting you can either do the 6 classes straight off or you can do them at a speed that suits you and your dog.

The classes will working through 

  • ​Enrichment Training
  • Loose Lead Walking
  • ​Desirable Manners
  • Handling & Inspection
  • Target Training
  • Recall from Play
  • Self Control
  • Brain Games & Tricks
  • Scent Work
  • Equipment Introductory

As with all of the My Happy Dog training programmes, we train with the dog in mind, always making them feel good about training and making sure we, as owners, are aware of what are dog wants and needs. 

If you haven't trained for awhile or have a resuce dog, you may benefit by working with me one to one prior to starting any classes.

We are starting the outdoor classes on Saturday October 15th.

T&C do apply 

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