Top Tips for Successful Socialisation with Puppy

Successful socialisation

Socialisation is the process of becoming familiar with all kinds of animals, people, places, and things, as well as learning how to behave in society.

All puppies need socialisation regardless of breed, type, or temperament. Please do not take this for granted, regardless of your breed description. Even dogs from breeds that have a very good reputation for loving people will need to be thoroughly socialised as puppies, to make sure that they have lots of great experiences being around all kinds of different people. And more importantly, breeds that are known to be less social (often described as aloof) must be socialised to grow up to love to be around people in order to be good canine citizens (and not end up in news headlines).

Here’s some top tips for successful socialisation:

  • Good socialisation is done at a speed the puppy can cope with.
  • Watch your puppy's body language and make sure he is enjoying the experience.
  • Allow plenty of rest for puppy whilst being socialised, so that his brain can take in all that they have learned.
  • Make your puppy's socialisation plan so there is a new discovery session every day, ideally a few times a day.
  • Take puppy with you out and about, increasing the amount as they learn to cope with it, carrying them when not fully vaccinated.
  • Shy puppies, especially those that the breeder has not socialised, will need a lot more work to help them.
  • Try to make every encounter fun, with treats and/or toys - walk away calmly if your puppy isn’t enjoying it.
  • If there are no children in your immediate family, make sure you make extra effort to socialise your puppy around children.

The importance of socialisation can’t be expressed enough, it’s a must and you now have the knowledge to do the right thing for your puppy. When you pick Puppy up at 8 weeks, it's a race to get everything done before they’re 12 weeks when they start to have fear of the unknown, so use this time wisely and expose the puppy to as much as possible in a natural, kind and positive way.

Hope you spend the time to put these top tips in to practice and allow your puppy to adjust to the world around them in a positive way with you nurturing them in a natural and kind way.

Thank you for reading, please share with any new puppy parents and get them socialised up!


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