Positive Socialisation when Puppy Training

There are many key things to include in your Puppy Training as mentioned in 'Ingredients for a Perfect Puppy' with Socialisation being one of these important ingredients, it's not something to overlook or assume you can catch up on later in your puppies development.

Puppy Training - Socialisation Classes

Puppy Training - Socialisation Classes

'My Wagging Tail'

Puppy Socialisation Walk of Woof & Wonder

Socialisation Walk for Puppies

Bring your puppy along to this free puppy socialisation walk with local Solihull puppy trainer.

This is an ideal opportunity to have your puppy mix with other puppies for a Breed Specific Walk where they can learn valuable lessons in effective communication along with your chance to hear about body language and how you can help your puppy socialise safely.

Benefits of a Puppy Pre School Programme

Benefits of Puppy Preschool Programme
A Puppy Preschool Programme should provide you with the tools required to start your pup off on the right track and add to your enjoyment as a Puppy Parent.

Grooming Marvellous - Pet Owners Guide to Dog Grooming

Grooming Marvellous Workshop in Solihull- February 7th 2015 Pet Owners Guide to Dog Grooming

To all that are owners of gorgeous fluff balls, as cute as they are we've all been there when you hand them over to the dog groomer, you're just a tiney bit embarrassed to the state they are in or your gorgeous pooch has just so much hair, you don't know where to start.

Puppy Pre School Programmes - Puppy Training

Puppy Pre School Programmes consists of 3 levels of puppy classes in solihull aimed at Puppy's from 8 weeks onwards. These classes will be small in size to benefit from me being able to work more closely with you.

Natural, Kind & Positive Puppy Parenting

Natural, Kind & Positive Puppy and Dog Parenting, understanding what improves your dogs desire to please, understanding how powerful it is to talk their language is how you can then connect to your puppy on many levels.

'BETTER' Puppy Training

My Happy Dog has a huge passion on helping you to nurture and guide your puppy, with that in mind I want to share with you some critical pointers on how your role as Puppy Parent can be instrumental to your puppy’s successful development.
A BETTER way to Puppy Training.

Important part of Training your Puppy - Socialisation

Socialisation of your Puppy in those first early weeks is a vital part of your Puppy's development, be sure to fully understand some basic dog body language to help you assess if the meet and greet is going well.

Puppy Power Consultations 1-2-1

Puppy Power Consultations is an Initial 1 to 1 in your home or outside depending on your requirements, here we can asses any area's of concern and discuss a plan of action to move forward. Available in your home on a 121 basis, covering Solihull, Warwickshire and West Midlands.


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