The Power of Positivity

They say Knowledge is Power which is so true, the Power which I want people to understand more of is the Power of Positivity, now I'm not just talking Dog Training here, it's about everything that is in your life.....

My Happy Dogs Holiday Essentials

It’s that time of year, holidays are booked and if like me, that means that I get to spend my time off with the most important people in my life, yes and the husband gets to come along too!!!!
When getting all my holiday stuff together, here’s what is always on my Holiday Essentials list for my dog Rew.

Positive Puppy Experiences

Did you know that puppies learn from every experiences, most importantly, as you may of heard me mention a few times before are those very first experiences, they are the most powerful!

Ingredients for the Perfect Puppy

When Puppy first arrives, it's a big change for everyone. We know your bundle of fluff, day-by-day, is growing mentally as well as physically, so think of it like a recipe.

Top Tips on Socialising your Puppy with People

There are lots of new experiences for Puppy, from meeting other dogs to meeting adults and children, here is some advice and guidance to make sure Puppy's experiences are positive ones.

Top Tips for Successful Puppy ‘Alone Time’

Being left alone isn’t ideal for a dog as they, like us humans, have a need to form social attachments. Here are some key things to remember when you do leave Puppy alone.

Get things right when choosing a puppy!

Well as you know, I'm a big believer of taking responsibility as a dog owner and I strongly believe it starts right at the beginning, so making the right choice like I've mentioned before.

The Importance of Positive Rewards when training your Puppy

I want to talk to you about the importance that reward plays as role in your puppy training, especially in Positive Puppy Training which should be the only training you want with your puppy.

Top Tips for Successful Puppy Car Travel

Some top tips to help you make sure that you start as you mean to go on, right from that positive first journey of picking Puppy up from the breeder.

Why confinement areas work

One area I want to talk about today is an area I'm a huge fan of, confinement areas. The confinement area gives you the confidence to know Puppy is safe, away from any dangers and can’t get into any mischief when you’re not there to supervise.


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