Building Bonds - Fun Dog Classes in Solihull

Building Bonds - Puppy & Dog fun based Classes 

Adolescent Puppies aged over 6 months old and Dogs of all ages...

These classes are structed to build  and enhance your bond between you and your dog.

Each week there will be a theme to improving skills sets based around having fun, enriching your dogs training and learning from each other.

Working on :-
Focus & Attention

Self Control

Following Instruction

Problem Solving

Scent work

This hour  session is an investment of time and money to help create canine contentment with Happy Dog.

The venue is outdoors, so please wear suitable clothing.

You can pre pay for each session or buy a block of 4 sessions at a time.


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Venue name: 
Hollywood Primary School
Ashdale Drive Hollywood B14 4TU
Event date: 
Wednesday, 31 May, 2017 - 19:00

Puppy Power School - Beginners

Intended for puppies after their second vaccination, these classes focus on fun and confidence building for your puppy.

The training throughout the Puppy Power School Programmes, allows Puppy Parents to gain knowledge and understanding of the importance of guiding your puppy in a natural, kind and positive way cover the following areas for you and your puppy...

  • Calm when greeting people
  • Calm & Confident to be handled/groomed
  • Self control (not just the bladder)
  • Gaining your puppies attention
  • Being able to settle
  • Real life situations, training will be a mix of indoors and outdoors where weather permits
  • Importance of Bite Inhibition
  • Socialisation
  • Basic Dog Language

Your puppy is guided to behave with desirable manners by using effective science based methods along with your calmness and confidence.

This behaviour forms the basis of your puppy's ability to cope with the world around them.

The well structured learning programme based on extensive dog development research provides Puppy with the vital skills during the time sensitive periods helping your Puppy flourish with any further training you do.

To ask further details on the next available course for Puppy Training in Solihull, Warwickshire and the West Midlands please register your interest here.

We also strongly advise complementing your training programme with the Socialisation Programme to ensure your puppy is have a well rounded approach to the world with plenty of positive experiences. For more details on this please check out the Walks of Woof & Wonder

The cost of this course is £90, payment prior to the course start date is required to secure your place. 

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Please note:

  • Your place is only guaranteed if you pay the course fee within 24 hours of acknowledgement of an available place. Unfortunately, we cannot ‘hold’ places due to the level of demand. If you miss a session, you forfeit this session but can continue on the course.

T&C Apply 

Venue name: 
Cheswick Green Village Hall
Cheswick Green Village Hall Cheswick Way Cheswick Green Solihull B90 4JA
Event date: 
Friday, 9 June, 2017 - 18:15
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