Exclusive Puppy Parenting Package

Exclusive Puppy Parenting Package

Making your first couple of weeks, stress free with focus on nurturing your puppy to adjusting in their new home

What does the Exclusive Puppy Parenting Package cover?

  • Guidance on what to consider before picking Puppy up
  • Advice on how to make the first night stress-free for both you and Puppy
  • Review Puppy's integration into new surroundings where a bespoke plan of action will be compiled for your puppy within their new home.
  • Tips to puppy parents about keeping calm and confident around Puppy
  • All important Socialisation Plan

What are the results?

  • Know how to ensure that the collection, journey and arrival home are as well organised as possible, preventing any stress developing for you or Puppy
  • Understand that the first night away from their litter and mum is a distressing time for Puppy and know the latest advice on how to settle Puppy into their new home
  • Appreciate the importance of assessing your puppy on a weekly basis to understand how they're coping with the world around them
  • Understand your role in Puppy's behaviour, helping them become more confident in their own abilities, and developing skills to take into adulthood
  • One of the most effect way of allowing Puppy to have a great start in life.

In finer de‘tail’

The Exclusive Puppy Parenting Package is an exclusive Programme working closely with me and with unlimited access to your very own Canine Coach.  Providing you with the tools you need for everyday life, from when you first pick Puppy up through to when Puppy's 12 weeks' old. This programme is to guide you to be a responsible dog owner, with awareness and understanding of how your dog thinks and feels, which then enables you to nurture the puppy using kind, natural and positive techniques, which allow Puppy to develop naturally. As part of this programme you will learn fundamental skills for you and your puppy, and you will be tasked with a socialisation & habituation plan that will ensure Puppy is progressing in line with his key development stages. Puppy can then move forward to Living in Harmony, the next programme, which delivers more fundamental guidance to take Puppy into adulthood happily.

I will work closely with you throughout the programme, during which time there will be:

  • An initial consultation to understand how Puppy's settling in.
  • One-to-one calls to help ensure that each part of the programme is tailored to the needs of both you and Puppy, helping to build strong foundations that we can build on.
  • A detailed action plan, in line with the Key Development Stages for weeks 8-12* that we'll implement using the My Happy Dog 'Learning the 3 L's' (language, love and leadership).
  • Support and guidance that will help you to develop an understanding of how your puppy is thinking in line with key development stages.

The Exclusive Puppy Parenting Programme will create a positive attitude for you that will emulate through to your puppy, allowing Puppy to develop naturally with your kind and positive guidance. With a thorough confidence & socialisation plan it will ensure Puppy is progressing in line with his key development stages. Puppy can then move forward through life with a great start.

*Key Development Stages cover everything from toilet training, chew toy habits, playtime, long-term and short-term confinement, habituation, socialisation and some obedience training.

Puppy Home Training Programme

Brilliant, positive and helpful session this weekend. Feel confident and in control. Thank you x

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