Preparing for Puppy Consultation

Preparing for Puppy Consultation

You’ll be amazed what needs to be arranged before Puppy arrives. We'll not only help identify everything that your home and family need to have in place before your new arrival, but also help you to understand why.

What does Preparing for Puppy cover?

  • Guidance on what to look for when choosing a puppy
  • Details of what information your breeder should be able to provide
  • Help to recognise what development stage your puppy has reached
  • Advice on how to ensure that all areas Puppy will be exposed to, in and around your home, are safe
  • Tips on how to keep Puppy comfortable in your home
  • How to identify the right toys for your puppy
  • Key tools to help you become a calm and confident puppy parent.

What are the results?

  • Make your choices informed and educated, preventing unnecessary problems and heartache
  • Find a breeder who is committed and aware of their important role of exposing Puppy to positive experiences
  • Know what questions to ask the breeder to ensure they’re nurturing your puppy through key development stages
  • Give Puppy a safe and secure environment that allows learning, exploration and growth, so that all experiences are positive ones
  • Understand the importance of confinement areas and errorless chew toy training
  • Learn to remain as stress-free as possible so Puppy’s as calm as possible.

In finer de‘tail’

This is where your exciting role of puppy parenting begins. Fantastic news!

Your journey of discovery starts when you take a huge step into the world of responsible dog ownership. Even before you've chosen Puppy it's important you take responsibility for all your decisions and that all those decisions are informed ones. (Check out this short video outlining guidance on breeders.)

Once you've made the decision and chosen Puppy, you'll be amazed what needs to be arranged before Puppy arrives home at 8 weeks old ideally, to their new family. We'll not only help identify everything that your home and family need to have in place before your new arrival, but also help you to understand why.

Your Programme will be tailored to your breed of dog and their character. Throughout the programme you should expect to become increasingly aware of what your breed will need within their new environment.

The Preparing for Puppy programme is about preparing for Puppy positively, so firstly we will look at your home:

  • We will identify all areas of the house and garden that need to be prepared for the arrival of Puppy
  • We will prepare a detailed plan of action that will help make the area safe and secure for Puppy
  • We will take you through the correct way to keep Puppy comfortable in your home.

Once we have the logistics in place we can look at the other key part of preparing for Puppy positively, YOU!

The Preparing for Puppy programme will:

  • enhance your understanding that your confidence will be directly responsible for creating a wonderfully positive environment, where Puppy can learn, explore and grow safely and securely.
  • educate you about positive, responsible dog ownership and the importance of preparing for Puppy.
  • create a positive attitude for you that will emulate through to Puppy. All their learning will come from you and what you project, so to ensure the puppy reads all the right signals from you, you need to free yourself from any fears and anxieties, and embrace the excitement of your new adventure.

Preparing for Puppy creates a calm and confident new you. You will be energised about the whole experience and ready to embrace your new bundle with ease and clarity, ready for the homecoming. Allow 1.5hrs for this consultation.

Puppy Pre School & Socialisation Classes/Walks

I have learnt so much in a short space of time. Charlotte has a great rapport with all the dogs and makes you feel at ease. I will be definitely be attending more classes or having one to one sessions in the future!

Liz, Benjie & Bonnie