Puppy & Dog Coaching Programmes

My Happy Dog offers a range of Coaching services for Puppies & Dogs across Solihull, Warwickshire & the West Midlands why Coaching, because it's not about a one stop shop, it's about having the knowledge and understanding on how to combine skills that I've passionately emmerserd myself into to gain an overall offering, your puppy or dog has amazing skills and I will help you get the most out of your canine friend in the most effective way possible. 

There has never been such excitement about the canine training world. What we know now is more advanced than ever before - the power and effectiveness of ethical, science-based training is changing dogs' lives all over the world. What we know now is that ‘Kindness is so Powerful’ and we can nurture our puppies and dogs to the desirable behaviour in a Natural, Kind & Positive way.

Puppy Coaching Programmes

Train and nurture your puppy from as early as their completion of their Vaccines in a natural, kind & positive way at this time sensitive period.
Up to 9 months old

Dog Coaching Programmes

Dog Training Programmes are all about building bonds with your Dog, they're fun and relaxed, we offer fun obedience classes and 121 options as well as Behaviour Modification Programmes, all guidance helps you understand and apply science based training methods that are motivating and ethical.
From 6+ months old

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Puppy Coaching Programmes

Would highly recommend. My Happy Dog is so much more than dog training classes, it's a way of life! Charlotte is enabling me to develop my puppy into a happy, confident dog and me into a responsible dog owner.
Charlotte offers a range of ethical training programs to suit you and your dogs needs and is always available to answer your questions and guide you through your training. We love going to the training sessions which are small groups and lots of fun. Thank you Charlotte.

Andrea & Ralph