Puppy Coaching Programmes

My Happy Dog offers a range of Training Programmes across Solihull & Warwickshire, we have 1 to 1 Home Training Programmes or Group Classes, we even have an option to carry out a Puppy Power Hour via Skype, there's no excuse to not give your Puppy 100% guidance and support through this time sensitive period. With Group Classes that are small and very personal, we have tailored offering to suit different development stages of your puppy, they develop at such a different rate in those first months My Happy Dog recognises the need to nurture their behaviour in different ways to accomodate this. 

Puppy Pre Vaccination

Consultation in the home for when Puppy has first arrived, this hour and half consultation will put your mind at rest to start everything off in the right way.

Puppy Power Home Training

Under 6 months old £140
A one-to-one home training programme that focuses on building those all important Skills for Life ahead for your puppy, yes obedience is important and we incorporate that into the course, but we look at what is important for a pet companion in and around the home and fitting in with family life.

Puppy Power School - Level 1

Beginner Puppy £90
Part of the Puppy Training Programme offers a Puppy Power School - Level 1, a Group Class lasting 6 weeks that focuses on fun and confidence building on from Puppy Pre School.

Puppy Power School - Level 2

Advanced Puppy £90
Forming part of the Puppy Training Programme, our Puppy Power School - Level 2 creates plenty of opportunity for Puppies to continue to develop their life skills, based indoors we can start asking a little bit more from them in line with their development stages, these classes will challenge both Puppy and Puppy Parent whilst having fun and learning.

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I have worked with Charlotte from getting my puppy at 8 weeks until she was 12 weeks. The help and support that I got was invaluable during this critical socialisation period. Yes, you can find out a lot of information online and do it yourself but nothing can replace a tailored programme that's personal to you and your home situation. Charlotte is always on hand to guide you on what to do next and how to adapt according to how your puppy is developing with the programme.

Rebecca Cooper