Work with Me One to One

Work with Me One to One

Work with Me One to One. Consultation in the home for when Puppy has first arrived, this hour and half consultation will put your mind at rest to start everything off in the right way.

What working with me One to One covers

  • Bespoke and personalised offering
  • Quality time to work on Issues in your home
  • A detailed plan to help you succeed
  • Regular Contact & Support

What are the results?

  • Speeds up your results
  • Builds Confidence for you & puppy
  • Involves the whole family
  • Can work at the pace of your puppy 

In finer de'tail'

My Happy Dog offers One to One  Consultations in the home, we will talk all things regarding cognitive behaviour and how it can help fine tune your Puppy's behaviour and enhance your Puppy Power.

1-to-1 consultations in the home on the area's of concern likePlay Biting, Barking, Jumping up, housetraining and much more...

Plan of action to guide you and your Puppy to perfect their 'Puppy Power' which will include follow up Puppy Power Sessions or a Tailored Training Programme to help modify behaviours.

There are a few options depending on the age of the Puppy :- 

The Puppy Pre Vaccination Consultation are about starting off right, ensuring all things are set for your Puppy to succeed.

Puppy Pre Vaccination Consultations last around an hour a half, you will then be given some guidance on moving forward, as with any modification, results will be down to your commitment, consistency and patience on helping your Puppy. This Puppy Pre Vaccination Consultation will help start your Puppy settle in with you and the family or tweak some initial issues that you are having with your new arrival.

Puppy Pre Vaccination Consultation - 1 & half hours Session

This development age requires a more specialised approach to help you all set your puppy up for success. With an up to date approach, we can help your puppy start life out in the right way, Natural, Kind & Positive methods through those all important time sensitive periods.


Puppy Power Consultation - 1 hour Session 

If your puppy is over 12 weeks old, you would be advised to have a Puppy Power Consultation lasting an hour for any of those one off issues, there is also an option to buy the  Puppy Home Training Programme  when booking. 


Once Past 6 months of age, it is advisable to have a Behavioural Consultation for any behavioural issues. 

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