Puppy Socialisation Programme

There are many key things to include in your Puppy Training Programme, including socialisation. It's not something to overlook or assume you can catch up on later in your puppy's development.

Time is Short to learn Puppy Social Skills

Socialisation is a crucial part of your puppy's development, teaching them how to interact socially with other living creatures and, in turn, helping them to develop into well adjusted dogs. 

Studies have shown that dogs which miss out on socialisation and habituation (teaching puppy to ignore environmental stimuli) from 5-12 weeks of age never fully regain social confidence and are always trying to adjust to living in a domestic environment.

My Happy Dog offers plenty of opportunities for your puppy to meet other puppies with My Wagging Tail Puppy Socialisation Classes and Puppy Socialisation Walks of Woof and Wonder, both socialisation opportunities are age specific events to ensure the interactions are safe, manageable and leave your puppy with positive impact.

For older dogs there is a PoochCamp available to help your dog learn the correct manners to Socialise. More details can be found here.

Confidence & Socialisation Indoor Session

8-14 weeks old £12.50 per session
Puppy Pre School focuses on Socialisation & Confidence which is a key part to your puppy's training and forms the fundamental building blocks of your puppy's relationship with other dogs. Our classes are small and incorporate sensory education for socialisation and habituation, all based on extensive dog development research.

Confidence & Socialisation Outdoor Session

Fully Vaccinated Puppy - 16 weeks Old £12.50 per session
Our outdoor sessions are an ideal opportunity to have your puppy mix with other puppies whilst gaining confidence with the outside world, where they can learn valuable lessons and you can learn how to help your puppy socialise safely.

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Puppy Pre School & Puppy School of LIfe

What fun we have, Archie really done well this week . See you next week for more expert advice.

Catherine & Archie