Confidence & Socialisation Indoors

Confidence & Socialisation Indoors

Puppy Parenting focuses on Socialisation & Confidence which is a key part to your puppy's training and forms the fundamental building blocks of your puppy's relationship with other dogs. Our classes are small and incorporate sensory education for socialisation and habituation, all based on extensive dog development research.

What do Puppy Parenting School covers?

  • Safe Environment
  • Positive Interactions
  • Body Language
  • Veterinary Advice
  • Sensory Experiences 
  • Basic Commands & Skills for Life

What are the results?

  • Positive Associations 
  • Puppy Manners
  • Puppy Parent & Puppy more aware of external factors 
  • Puppy Parent understands their responsibilites 
  • Building your dogs confidence around objects & sounds
  • Start your puppy off with the Training Essentials

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Puppy Home Training Programme

excellent, have only met twice, but am really looking forward to our next lesson.

Gillian & Daisy