Confidence & Socialisation Outdoors

Puppy Socialisation Solihull

Confidence & Socialisation Outdoors

Our outdoor sessions are an ideal opportunity to have your puppy mix with other puppies whilst gaining confidence with the outside world, where they can learn valuable lessons and you can learn how to help your puppy socialise safely.

What Puppy Outdoor Sessions offer

  • Learn how interact socially with their human family in high distraction zone ie outdoors.
  • Age/Experience Specific
  • Learn how to effectively interact with their own species safe & politely.
  • Practise their communication skills of their own language.
  • Learning how to effectively communicate with their human family.
  • Meet and mix with other older well mannered older dogs when attended regularly.

What are the results

  • Start the Fundamental part of your Puppies Development correctly.
  • Correct Skill sets for each group that meets.
  • Future behaviour around other puppies is done with manners.
  • Become confident in Canine Communication.
  • By positive reinforcement your puppy will get to practice their skills of life.
  • With consistent meet ups you know your dog is gaining experience on how to interact.

In finer de'tail'

Bring your puppy along to a Puppy Confidence & Socialisation Outdoor Sessions with a local Solihull & West Midlands puppy trainer. Now available in various venues across the West Midlands, please check for details of your nearest available walk on the Events Page .

This is an ideal opportunity to have your puppy mix with other puppies  where they can learn valuable lessons in effective communication along with your chance to hear about canine body language and how you can help your puppy socialise safely.

These Puppy outdoor sessions are open to everyone.

Puppy Skills for Life - Confidence & Socialisation Sessions can all be achieved by attending

Puppy Power School - Outdoors 

Practice your skills outdoors, in a safe and secure environment, every Saturday morning, this can compliment Puppy Power School (Indoors) or as a stand alone option for Training your puppy. 

If you have an older dog you are wishing to gain Social experience, please check out Dog Coaching Sessions on offer with My Happy Dog.

T&C will apply. The Puppy will be your responsibility at all times, the group is aimed at well mannered puppies. Puppies not showing good manners will be offered guidance, but may be asked to return another time or look at having some one-to-one guidance.

Dog Coaching Programmes

Seth was 3 when I first took the plunge and went to My Happy Dog Training & Behaviour and OMG what a fabulous experience! None of the regimented training I had experienced at other clubs, which to be honest put me off training. Charlotte has extensive knowledge about all things dog and exudes a passion for ensuring positive reward based training which totally shines through when attending a class. All sessions are small (ensuring plenty of quality time), fun packed and rewarding (for both dog and owner).

Sonya & Seth