Canine Language ~ More Subtle Signs

A dog is equipped with their own inbuilt communication system, this hasn’t changed, we’ve just learned to interpret it better and find out how it relates to the dogs’ feelings and thoughts.

Top Tips on Play Biting and Mouthing

Puppy is settling in well, the visitors are keen to come meet your new bundle of fur and you’ve romanticised about this moment… but your cute bundle keeps making a bee line for ankles and trousers. Sound familiar?

Puppy Play ~ The Do's & Do Not's

So Puppy likes to play… yeeeahhh. Puppy likes to chew?... yeeeahhhhh. Puppy’s like to bite? Yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhh. These are all things that puppies love to do and it’s our mission as responsible pet owners to guide them to do it in an appropriate manner!

Top Tips on Breeders

It’s important to understand the breeder’s role in your puppy’s life: they have already spent a great deal of time with your puppy and their responsibility is to understand the importance of those weeks.

Safety Around Dogs ~ Start Acting Responsibly, Understand How to Stay Safe

As a member of the Association of Pet Behaviours I wanted to share their recent statement on the importance of everyone’s safety around dogs with everyone.

Responsible Dog Ownership

Having kept animals for several years, and with my constant learning of how dogs think, I really wanted to share with people the heart warming feeling you can have from the power of communicating.

Keep Calm & ...

What would you choose? Be less stressed? Maybe sleep through the night? All of these are common fears when first getting a puppy.

Monday Moaning

Why do Mondays stir up such negativity? Let go of these thoughts. Make a choice to be happy and this will not only help you, but also help the furry friends around you.