Warm Weather Warriors

How to help your Furry Friend in the heat

Puppy Skills for Life - Outdoor Sessions

Puppy Skills for Life 
These sessions are outdoors and offer a different type of learning, the skills required outside are some of the most important, these sessions are great add ons to your course or as a stand alone option for you and your pup. 

Credit Bundles

Credit Bundles available now....

Grooming Marvellous - Pet Owners Guide to Dog Grooming

Grooming Marvellous Workshop in Solihull- February 7th 2015 Pet Owners Guide to Dog Grooming

To all that are owners of gorgeous fluff balls, as cute as they are we've all been there when you hand them over to the dog groomer, you're just a tiney bit embarrassed to the state they are in or your gorgeous pooch has just so much hair, you don't know where to start.

Natural, Kind & Positive Puppy Parenting

Natural, Kind & Positive Puppy and Dog Parenting, understanding what improves your dogs desire to please, understanding how powerful it is to talk their language is how you can then connect to your puppy on many levels.

'BETTER' Puppy Training

My Happy Dog has a huge passion on helping you to nurture and guide your puppy, with that in mind I want to share with you some critical pointers on how your role as Puppy Parent can be instrumental to your puppy’s successful development.
A BETTER way to Puppy Training.

My Happy Dogs Holiday Essentials

It’s that time of year, holidays are booked and if like me, that means that I get to spend my time off with the most important people in my life, yes and the husband gets to come along too!!!!
When getting all my holiday stuff together, here’s what is always on my Holiday Essentials list for my dog Rew.

Learn about your Puppy's Development...

A very important part of getting to know your puppy is learning how to communicate with each other. This can also relate to how your puppy perceives the world around them.

Is Positive Training always the right answer to dog training?

There are many reasons to use positive training, not just because it’s kinder, more natural or just being nice. It’s also shown to be more effective, with quicker, longer-lasting results.

Canine Language

Wanting to understand how your dog thinks and feels must be high on most dog owners list, isn’t it? We all know their little quirky ways and habits, their ability to make you smile at those darn cute antics, but don’t you question ‘why’ sometimes?