Puppy Skills for Life - Outdoor Sessions

Puppy Skills for Life 
These sessions are outdoors and offer a different type of learning, the skills required outside are some of the most important, these sessions are great add ons to your course or as a stand alone option for you and your pup. 

Safety Around Dogs ~ Start Acting Responsibly, Understand How to Stay Safe

As a member of the Association of Pet Behaviours I wanted to share their recent statement on the importance of everyone’s safety around dogs with everyone.


I’m passionate about my animals and blessed to be able share that passion with everyone, I am on a personal mission to enhance puppy parenting and promote positive, kind and natural dog ownership.


To know more and understand the personality of you dogs, takes an understanding of how your dog perceives the world around them… want to know more?

Let me introduce myself...

A little bit about me and how I followed my heart and turned my passion into a full time career working with our amazing and mesmerising furry friends.