puppy body language

'BETTER' Puppy Training

My Happy Dog has a huge passion on helping you to nurture and guide your puppy, with that in mind I want to share with you some critical pointers on how your role as Puppy Parent can be instrumental to your puppy’s successful development.
A BETTER way to Puppy Training.

Canine Language

Wanting to understand how your dog thinks and feels must be high on most dog owners list, isn’t it? We all know their little quirky ways and habits, their ability to make you smile at those darn cute antics, but don’t you question ‘why’ sometimes?

Puppy Play ~ The Do's & Do Not's

So Puppy likes to play… yeeeahhh. Puppy likes to chew?... yeeeahhhhh. Puppy’s like to bite? Yeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhhh. These are all things that puppies love to do and it’s our mission as responsible pet owners to guide them to do it in an appropriate manner!